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Unravelling Values: Has Conscience Anything to Do with Aesthetic Taste?

June 22, 2011


‘That there is a relationship between morality and aesthetics is an idea which, at various times, writers and artists have been keen for one reason or another to assert. On the face of it there would seem to be a pleasing relationship between the two if we could say that the person most capable of […]

New Forms of Sovereignty and the Right to Protect (R2P)

June 15, 2011


‘The R2P doctrine is still a vague and dangerous notion that may be open to abuse. We must, therefore, encourage statesmen, politicians, lawyers and philosophers, to define the R2P doctrine in clear, concise, and very limited formulae. Only such specific terms will enable us to obtain a fine balance between charitable assistance, respect for innocent […]

Britain on the Brink: What has Christian Faith to Do with Essential Values?

May 18, 2011


‘How is it that England, and then Britain, has actually become a nation? And the answer clearly is that, where the observer sees warring tribes, petty kingdoms, years of feuding and so forth, the cohesion first given to England came out of the arrival of the Christian Faith and the organisation that it brought  . […]

The Right to Disagree: Challenging the New Orthodoxy About the Family

February 2, 2011


‘Currently, legislators and educators are creating an inevitable conflict for religious believers, forcing them to choose between compliance and conscience, especially where matters of family and sexual relationships are concerned. In insisting on unqualified compliance in matters where there is reasonable moral controversy, the state is demanding that its own moral conclusions should be imposed […]

What is Freedom?

January 28, 2011


SERIES ON HUMAN FREEDOM: PART THREE The third installment in our series looks at what we mean when we use the word ‘freedom’, and is based on a presentation given by a guest discussant at the first session of the Thomas More Institute’s reading group entitled ‘What’s So Good About Freedom?’. The presentation, and this […]

Utilitarianism, University Funding, and the Market Model

January 4, 2011


From a guest blogger. Based on a talk given at the final session of the Thomas More Institute’s reading group entitled ‘University: Training for the “Rat Race” or Forming Virtuous People?’. The value of higher education is often assessed in strictly utilitarian terms. Will having an education to university degree level increase my lifelong earnings? […]

Putting Humanity Back Into the Humanities

November 18, 2010


Based upon an introductory presentation given at a session of the Thomas More Institute’s Young Persons’ Reading Group on the purpose of a university education. The presentation, and this article, are intended as a summary of and commentary upon an excellent article by Patrick J. Deneen to which we direct our readers: ‘Science and the […]