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Developments in Immigration

June 29, 2012


The leader of the Labour Party recently made some remarks on the subject of immigration. He admitted, in a speech given to the Institute for Public Policy Research, that the last Labour government had made errors in regard of immigration policy. Mr. Miliband asserts that the Party must now change its tack. Addressing the concerns […]

A Lesson to be Learnt from the Euro Crisis

June 18, 2012


The recent Spanish ‘bail-out’ has had a mixed reaction from the global markets. Stock markets in Europe and the U.S. fell, and Spanish borrowing costs rose, after the first post-bail-out trading day. It is fortunate for the Spanish populace, already subject to austerity measures, that the bail-out did not come with the same conditions as […]

An Aristocratic Second Chamber

May 10, 2012


There has been speculation in recent days that the Prime Minister will alter or drop legislative proposals that were expected to be included in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech to Parliament. This reflects growing disquiet among Conservative backbenchers many of whom feel that the Liberal Democrats are exercising excessive influence on coalition policy. The unease has […]

The 2012 Budget: Motoring into Recovery

March 21, 2012


All who read British newspapers will have noted fevered speculation over potential measures that may appear in today’s Budget. The suggestion that Britain’s road network of Britain be opened to private investment has attracted much interest. The idea that the Government might lease key routes, such as the M1, to private corporations. These would be […]

An Alternative Take on Prospects

March 16, 2012


From a guest blogger: Draghi is fuelling inflation like the Bank of England. Greece cannot ever repay even the reduced debt after last week’s managed default and target of 120% of GDP by 2020. Greece must leave the Euro. The election this year may precipitate this. Then Portugal (public debt at 93%, and private debt […]

John Maynard Keynes and the Big Society

March 14, 2012


Following the financial crash of 2008 the economic ideas of John Meynard Keynes experienced a revival. Some argue that the recent policies of both the British and American governments are Keynesian. The British Prime Minister at the height of the crisis, Gordon Brown, actually referenced Keynes in announcing a fiscal stimulus. Keynes is well-known for […]

Reframing the Economic Debate: Personal Responsibility and the American Homeless

February 17, 2012


At present it is hard to feel anything other than gloom about economic news. Unemployment fugures are high and firms struggle to access much-needed finance. The current global orthodoxy for governments is that of ‘necessary cuts’. Deepening ‘doom and gloom’ the credit rating agency Moody’s has this week noted a negative outlook for the UK […]