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Chimps may be ‘97% Human’, but they’re 0% Homo Sapiens

January 30, 2012


From a guest blogger: What is it that St. Peter’s Basilica, Climate Change, the Euro Crisis and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy have in common? I shall not keep you guessing. All four demonstrate that humans are not only special, but also without doubt the most special of creatures on Planet Earth. Consider for a moment […]

Unravelling Values: Has Conscience Anything to Do with Aesthetic Taste?

June 22, 2011


‘That there is a relationship between morality and aesthetics is an idea which, at various times, writers and artists have been keen for one reason or another to assert. On the face of it there would seem to be a pleasing relationship between the two if we could say that the person most capable of […]

The Turner Prize is Upon Us Again

May 6, 2011


From a Guest Blogger: Like doing good, appreciating or creating works of high aesthetic value has always taken a certain amount of effort. Good art has tended to be elitist and genii do not come in droves. But for the sympathetic, and for those willing to make more than a little effort, the beauties of […]

Funding and the Arts

April 4, 2011


From a Guest Blogger: Painters, writers, musicians, dancers and curators have now been put out of their anxious expectation and into the misery they foretold. The arts are being slashed and there is nothing, it seems, they can do about it. On the lips of so many public servants of all (non-creative) stripes is the […]

Gauguin and the Modern Fantasy

February 1, 2011


From a guest blogger: Last month the Tate Modern closed its doors on an exhibition of the work of French artist Paul Gauguin entitled Gauguin: Maker of Myth. The show consisted mainly of paintings from the several stages of his artistic life but also included sculptures, works of pottery, private letters and even the decorated […]

Putting Humanity Back Into the Humanities

November 18, 2010


Based upon an introductory presentation given at a session of the Thomas More Institute’s Young Persons’ Reading Group on the purpose of a university education. The presentation, and this article, are intended as a summary of and commentary upon an excellent article by Patrick J. Deneen to which we direct our readers: ‘Science and the […]

Why the Avant-garde is Behind Us

November 11, 2010


From a guest blogger: The term ‘avant-garde’ is sometimes bandied around in reference to artistic movements that seek to push out the boundaries of aesthetic consideration. It rather assumes an element of rule-breaking bound up with attempts to re-imagine our perceptions of the world. At times these movements have been deeply introspective and focused on […]