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Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and the Just War principle

September 15, 2011


The world has just marked with due solemnity and regret the tenth anniversary of terrible terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Much has been written in recent days analysing the legacy of the events to date. The most notable 9/11 outcome has perhaps been armed intervention in Afghanistan by NATO and […]

New Forms of Sovereignty and the Right to Protect (R2P)

June 15, 2011


‘The R2P doctrine is still a vague and dangerous notion that may be open to abuse. We must, therefore, encourage statesmen, politicians, lawyers and philosophers, to define the R2P doctrine in clear, concise, and very limited formulae. Only such specific terms will enable us to obtain a fine balance between charitable assistance, respect for innocent […]

Revolution in the Middle East

March 22, 2011


As air-strikes in Libya intensify we here at A Blog for All Seasons have collected together a few of our reactions to the crisis. Should Britain Invade Libya? What Libyan and Other Jasmine Revolutionaries Owe Burma Can Democracy Save Egypt?

From Guantánamo With Love

March 11, 2011


To the delight of many of his foes, and no doubt to the chagrin of many who voted him, Barack Obama has announced the resumption of Bush-era Military Commissions for trying detainees held at Guantánamo Bay.  Long after the deadline passed for the President to deliver on his pledge to close Guantánamo within a year […]

Should Britain Invade Libya?

March 4, 2011


The title I have chosen is somewhat disingenuous. I do not support armed intervention in Libya, and so my intention in blogging on this subject is not to voice support for military action. Neither, however, do I oppose it. But the suggestion that the West might use force in the Arab world has once again […]

McChrystal and Obama: When is it Right to Speak Out Against a Superior?

June 23, 2010


General McChrystal has done it again. The American military leader in Afghanistan has once more spoken out about his superiors in the media, adding to a chain of escapades in the public arena. He has offered his sincere advice on military policy in Afghanistan to anybody who will listen. This conjures up an age-old conundrum […]

New Articles

March 22, 2010


Occasionally, we summarise and link to articles on our website we think might be of interest to our readers. You will find the two most recent below. Older articles can be found here. Music and Morality – Roger Scruton In a culture which seeks to be ‘non-judgmental’, music is no longer exposed to true criticism […]