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A Progressive Case Against Same-Sex Marriage

April 13, 2012


From a guest blogger: During an exchange with a friend earlier this week about the Government’s plans to allow same-sex couples to marry, I objected to his suggestion that support for gay marriage was the province of the political left.  After all, the measure has been introduced by a Conservative-led government, enthusiastically supported by the […]

Gay Marriage: a Tale of Two Petitions (and Facebook)

March 22, 2012


From a guest blogger: On 20 February the website of the Coalition 4 Marriage was set up. Since then its petition has obtained, online and on paper, well over quarter of a million signatures (275,928 on 22 March). About four days after that petition was set up another website was set up in opposition: the […]

Seeking Conflict?

February 29, 2012


In August 2011 a cross-party group of MPs and Peers called Christians in Parliament set up an inquiry into the freedom of Christians. Its preliminary report, Clearing the Ground, was published on Monday. The need of such an inquiry was felt due to media reports of Christians feeling that the law was discriminated against them. […]

A New Crusade for Marriage?

January 11, 2012


The first working day of the New Year is known by divorce lawyers as ‘Divorce Day’ or ‘D Day’ due to the abnormally high number of people enquiring about a divorce. It is said that the prolonged amount of time that a married couple spend together over Christmas creates a great deal of strain, leading […]

Supporting Marriage

November 18, 2011


Last week Channel Four television programmed a documentary entitled Go Greek For A Week. Three distinct individuals were shown living as their counterparts in Greece had been doing according to employment and circumstance. The programme focused on the financial generosity of the Greek State, and also on the ease with which taxation might be evaded. […]

Steve Jobs – a Man and his Devices

October 14, 2011


From a Guest Blogger: The garden is mourning, the rain sinks coolly into the flowers. Summer shudders as it meets its end. Herman Hesse Many have mourned the passing of Steve Jobs, in testament to a legacy of ingenuity rarely equalled in recent years. Even those with only half an eye on the media and […]