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A Lesson to be Learnt from the Euro Crisis

June 18, 2012


The recent Spanish ‘bail-out’ has had a mixed reaction from the global markets. Stock markets in Europe and the U.S. fell, and Spanish borrowing costs rose, after the first post-bail-out trading day. It is fortunate for the Spanish populace, already subject to austerity measures, that the bail-out did not come with the same conditions as […]

An Alternative Take on Prospects

March 16, 2012


From a guest blogger: Draghi is fuelling inflation like the Bank of England. Greece cannot ever repay even the reduced debt after last week’s managed default and target of 120% of GDP by 2020. Greece must leave the Euro. The election this year may precipitate this. Then Portugal (public debt at 93%, and private debt […]

Chimps may be ‘97% Human’, but they’re 0% Homo Sapiens

January 30, 2012


From a guest blogger: What is it that St. Peter’s Basilica, Climate Change, the Euro Crisis and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy have in common? I shall not keep you guessing. All four demonstrate that humans are not only special, but also without doubt the most special of creatures on Planet Earth. Consider for a moment […]

What Exactly is ‘Governing in the National Interest’?

December 30, 2011


From a Guest Blogger: We have yet to see what will be the ultimate results of David Cameron’s veto earlier this month. Rhetorically he has certainly scored a hit with a majority of the British people. Even many of those opposed to Cameron’s decision have not gone so far as to declare that the Prime […]

Supporting Marriage

November 18, 2011


Last week Channel Four television programmed a documentary entitled Go Greek For A Week. Three distinct individuals were shown living as their counterparts in Greece had been doing according to employment and circumstance. The programme focused on the financial generosity of the Greek State, and also on the ease with which taxation might be evaded. […]

Common Cause on the European Union’s Flaws

October 27, 2011


The parliamentary debate which occurred on Monday, upon a non-binding motion proposing that a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU be held, has been widely portrayed as a debate internal to the Conservative party, with its leadership and frontbench squaring up to those on the backbenches. More specifically, the issue has been portrayed […]

The European Crisis-Management Project

September 16, 2011


From a guest blogger: Since its inception one of the principle reasons regularly served up for ever more integration in the European Union (as now is) has been, in the wake of two World Wars, to prevent armed conflict by making war ever more unattractive and impossible to conceive. As integration progressed, it was decided […]