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Love for the People

June 8, 2012


From a guest blogger: Regular readers will probably not be surprised to find that we at Blog for All Seasons had a splendid time over last weekend celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In good cheer we bunted, we sang and we toasted Her Majesty’s (and Prince Philip’s) health. Long may […]

Faith in the Public Square

May 3, 2012


From a guest blogger: Regular readers of this blog will have seen posts over the last year in response to the Government’s decision to hold a consultation on whether to extend marriage to same-sex couples, as well as on developments in marriage law elsewhere. Frequently debate over redefining marriage has produced conflict between mainstream religious […]

Sex-Selective Abortion: The Failed Autonomy of Modern Man

February 24, 2012


From a guest blogger: The news that some private abortion clinics in Britain may be carrying out here the sex-selective abortions which are horrifyingly common in parts of Asia is no real surprise to us at Blog for All Seasons. In today’s society each person is seen as an autonomous individual who cannot make authoritative […]

Democracy, Morality and the Common Good

February 3, 2012


From a guest blogger: A position commonly held by ‘reformers’ in various religious traditions in this country may be summarised roughly in the following lines: If the central authority of a religion is at odds with beliefs held by the majority of that its adherents, the former is duty-bound to reconsider and even to change […]

Should the Government Trust the People More?

January 26, 2012


Let us start out from a hypothetical situation, in which you, the reader, have just taken ownership of an expensive car. Immediately afterwards you go on a brief holiday to a foreign country. The writer of this article offers to look after the car whilst you are on holiday. Most readers do not know the […]

Violations of Conscience in ‘The Land of the Free’

January 23, 2012


From a guest blogger: Not for the first time has ‘the land of the free’ been a hopelessly wrongheaded epithet with which to label the United States of America. Many developed western nations find themselves embarrassed by histories of racial subjugation and segregation and they are rightly sorry about these records. But slavery is not […]

Democracy, The Good and OccupyLSX

October 31, 2011


From a Guest Blogger: And so we enter another week of the ‘OccupyLSX’ protest outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Once again the protest is in the headlines as not only Dr. Giles Fraser but also the Dean Graeme Knowles have resigned their posts. Meanwhile ‘evil’ capitalists are still beavering away just as ‘feckless’ protestors […]