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A Case for Repeal of the Abortion Act?

March 7, 2012


A nation is governed –and partly defined — by the rules and regulations on its statute book. Laws are supposed to regulate so as to ensure fairness and justice, as well as to prohibit behaviours deemed contrary to the good of society. They have a purpose: development and protection of the common good within the […]

Sex-Selective Abortion: The Failed Autonomy of Modern Man

February 24, 2012


From a guest blogger: The news that some private abortion clinics in Britain may be carrying out here the sex-selective abortions which are horrifyingly common in parts of Asia is no real surprise to us at Blog for All Seasons. In today’s society each person is seen as an autonomous individual who cannot make authoritative […]

Violations of Conscience in ‘The Land of the Free’

January 23, 2012


From a guest blogger: Not for the first time has ‘the land of the free’ been a hopelessly wrongheaded epithet with which to label the United States of America. Many developed western nations find themselves embarrassed by histories of racial subjugation and segregation and they are rightly sorry about these records. But slavery is not […]

The Dorries/Field Amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill

September 7, 2011


The amendment tabled by MPs Nadine Dorries and Frank Field to the Health and Social Care Bill has provoked much media controversy. It would hardly be an exaggeration to suggest that this one amendment, among the hundreds proposed, has come altogether to dominate coverage. To a casual reader of the amendment as tabled it is […]

Lives Unworthy of Life

February 28, 2011


‘I am one of those who helped usher in this barbaric age’, said Bernard Nathanson, the former abortionist who died this week.  Nathanson co-founded the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws in the U.S.A., and was director of the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health in Manhattan, then the largest abortion clinic in […]

The Kermit Gosnell Case: Portrait of the Culture of Death

February 3, 2011


Type the name of serial killer Harold Shipman into the search function on the BBC News website and you will find 587 news items. Crossing the Atlantic, and more recently, try a search for ‘Tucson shootings’ and you find 37, while a search for murdered abortionist George Tiller turns up 17 stories. Type in ‘Kermit […]

Fifty Years Later: Considering the Legacy of JFK

January 24, 2011


It was fifty years ago this week that John F. Kennedy delivered his famous inauguration speech. Despite our current love affair with increasingly younger and more photogenic leaders in the West, Kennedy remains the youngest man ever to be elected President of the United States, and probably ranks among the most handsome. He is often […]