TMI Seminar – Michael Woolgar – Whatever Happened to Honour?

Posted on April 13, 2010


Some time ago, Michael Woolgar gave a paper at the TMI on ethics in business. With his long and varied experience, it makes for very interesting reading. Here is an excerpt:

It is surprising how, during a quarter century of varied experience of corporate life through to roughly 1990, I had little concern about formal ethics and did not encounter any disturbing ethical business problems. Maybe my failure to spot unethical behaviour for so long reveals a naiveté about what my colleagues or managers were up to. More comfortable to one’s ego would be the explanation that there has been a sea change in personal and corporate life in the last twenty-something years and that ‘things were better then’. This comforting thought is somewhat undermined by remembering the (for Britain) scandals of the 1960s and after, such as property-speculator Poulson, rental-Rachmann, corrupt police in Brighton, the Jeremy Thorpe affair, and others.

To read the entire piece, click here.